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Law for the 99%

by Attorney Long Z. Liu

“Writing this book is like prostitution. First I did it for love, then I did it for a few friends, and now I do it for money."

This book is easy to understand and is a common legal reading material. The book provides helpful advice on legal issues that arise in everyday life, such as drunk driving, divorce, sexual offenses, criminal cases, and intellectual property. By reading this book, one can learn a lot about legal issues and help new and old immigrants understand the most practical legal knowledge in daily life.

Before, Lawyer Liu gave 10 books to a lawyer friend in Alaska, and not long after, he bought another 10 books from Lawyer Liu. He said the book was very funny and he wanted to give it to his lawyer friends around him. Everyone wanted it, and 10 books were not enough.

Many lawyers buy this book because they can better understand the book's humorous points.

Once, Lawyer Liu was handling a divorce case, and after it ended, the opposing lawyer rushed over with the book in hand, wanting Lawyer Liu's autograph.

Have an American Baby- A Lawyer's Guide to Birthing Tourism & Surrogacy in the Trump Era

by Attorney Long Z. Liu 

This case is the first of its kind in American history, and as the defense lawyer for Chinese postpartum centers and pregnant women, experiencing such a significant historical event has made this book the only authoritative work that can explain this type of case.

The purpose of this book is to allow more Chinese families who are currently or will be traveling to the United States to have a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, and to call for universal respect and assistance for pregnant women of all skin colors and nationalities. Behind every pregnant woman, there are at least three families involved. By providing explanations, we are sending messages of peace to her husband, parents, and in-laws. Each of us should make them happy during the most important time of their lives, making them feel at ease and comfortable, allowing every family with an "American baby" to have a happy and unforgettable memory and embark on a more wonderful journey in life.

What is a "postpartum center" in the United States?

A postpartum center is a service industry that provides "postpartum" services to Chinese mothers who come to the United States to give birth.

According to the U.S. Constitution's "birthright citizenship" principle, except for foreign diplomats and invading armies from other countries stationed in the United States, any baby born on U.S. soil can obtain U.S. citizenship. According to U.S. immigration law, U.S. citizens over the age of 21 can apply for successful permanent residency for their parents. Therefore, thousands of mothers of different skin colors and nationalities travel to the United States every year to give birth.

What is legal is not prohibited by law.

In terms of U.S. law, what is not prohibited by law is legal. Postpartum centers are not in a gray area. It's just like being pregnant or not being pregnant. There is no gray area.

In the United States, the law must explicitly define illegal industries, such as drug trafficking. So as long as the law does not specify that it is an illegal industry, it is legal.

Illegal behavior does not mean the subject is illegal.

Some Chinese readers mistakenly believe that postpartum centers are engaged in commercial activities in residential areas, violating zoning laws, which means that the postpartum center itself is an illegal industry. This is a significant misunderstanding! Zoning laws treat all industries equally, whether you're running a bakery, dental clinic, school, store, or restaurant, conducting commercial activities in residential areas is illegal. This law does not specifically target postpartum centers.

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