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Long Z. Liu// 刘龙珠

Attorney at Law

Long Z. Liu is a distinguished litigation attorney with a strong reputation in the San Gabriel Valley. Since founding the Liu Law Firm in 2005, he has been a leader in the legal community, specializing in complex civil litigation, criminal defense, and family law. Long has litigated in high profile cases, such as a class action lawsuit against Jack Ma and Alibaba, Defending mothers in the first federal prosecution against the birthing tourism industry, defending a lawsuit against Chanel, and a class action against Luckin Coffee.

Long's journey to becoming an accomplished attorney began early in life. As a young man, he had the opportunity to travel extensively with his uncle, the late Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Master Hsing Yun founded Fo Guan Shan Order, which is the largest Buddhist Order in the world, as well as Buddha’s Light International Association, the largest Chinese Organization in the world. Fo Guan Shan operates hundreds of orphanages and primary schools across Asia, and operates the largest Buddhist Temple in America (Hsai Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights). Through these experiences, Long developed a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and gained valuable insights into the human condition. The knowledge and values that Master Yun imparted on Long shaped Long into the man he is today. With the passing of his Uncle, Long is looking to become a greater advocate of the Fo Guan Shan Order, both domestically and internationally. Long is also looking to be an advocate for the Order, and spread Master Hsing Yun’s message to both Chinese and non-Chinese Americans. Long is in the process of founding a non-profit organization named in honor of Master Hsing Yun.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Long earned his Masters in Business Administration with specialties in Finance and Computer Information Systems at the University of LaVerne in California.  Long then earned his Juris Doctorate at Whittier Law School.


In addition to his impressive legal career, Long has been an active and vocal member of the Chinese American community. He has been a prominent figure in the Chinese American Media, appearing on a regular segment on the Chinese in Los Angeles News station. Long has also been a consistent advocate for the legal rights for not only Chinese Americans, but all Americans. Long started a petition on for $350,000 reparations for Chinese Americans, a petition for law and order after the brutal beating of Wendy Shen, and a petition in opposition of California’s Affirmative Action bill, ACA5. These petitions have collected over 40,000 signatures combined. Long has also been interviewed by major news outlets such as the New York Times, Associated Press, and Los Angeles Times. Through his work and public appearances, Long has become a leading advocate for the values and interests of Chinese Americans. Long Z. Liu's accomplishments in the legal field and his contributions to the Chinese American community have earned him respect and admiration from his colleagues and clients alike.




In 2007, Long brought Actor/Comedian Zhao Benshan to justice after he oversold tickets to a Spring Festival Gala Event, which caused a large disturbance at the theater, and a delay of 80 minutes to start the show. Long brought Zhao Benshan to justice for his greed in overselling the show, forcing he and the organizers of the Gala to pay damages to the wronged audience members.

In 2012, Long successfully sued China Airlines for Sexual Harassment of one of their stewardesses. The case ultimately reached a positive settlement Out of Court.

 In 2014, Long sued Jimmy Kimmel over a segment on his show called “Kids’ Table”, in which a child suggested “killing everyone in China” as a way to solve the issue of the United States owing China trillions of dollars. Kimmel responded by laughing, and calling it an interesting idea. Long swiftly worked to bring Kimmel to justice, representing Cao Guoling in the Superior Court of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

In 2014, Long hosted an event condemning Fox News host Bob Beckel for using the slur “Chinamen”. Long organized this event both to condemn Beckel, and as a way to raise awareness to the fact that slurs against Chinese Americans should be treated with the same punishment as slurs against other races. Congressmen Ted Lieu also appeared as a guest speaker at this event.

 In 2015, Long exposed the Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme known as “GemCoin”, which targeted Chinese Americans and Chinese nationals abroad for investment into their Ponzi Scheme. Because Long brought attention to the issue, the Securities Exchange Commission ultimately investigated the matter, and rendered a 74 million dollar judgment against the mastermind of GemCoin. The mastermind behind GemCoin, Steve Chen, was also brought to justice, being sentenced to ten years of federal prison, and a large amount of money was returned to the defrauded investors.

Also in 2015, Long unveiled a massive mismanagement of investor funds by the Luca Entities and Bingqing Yang that ultimately lost about 68 million dollars’ worth of investor funds. The Luca Entities targeted Chinese American investors through seminars and Chinese advertisements. The SEC brought judgment against Luca and Yang, and an active litigation is pending to recover the investors’ funds.




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Long Z. Liu// 刘龙珠
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